GovInteract is now the GovDelivery Emergency Notification System

More Reach for Greater Impact

Use the world’s largest government communications network to connect with more people and get them to take action in an emergency.

In late 2012, GovDelivery, the largest provider of cloud-based digital communication solutions for the public sector, acquired GovInteract.

Combining GovDelivery’s enterprise-class, cloud-based digital communications platform with GovInteract’s emergency alerting capabilities, GovDelivery Emergency Notifications offers public sector entities a comprehensive emergency communications system that transforms how and with whom you can communicate – in any situation.

Your organization can send:
  • ✔ Emergency Notifications via E-mail, Call, Social Media and Text
  • ✔ Crime Prevention Tip Management
  • ✔ AMBER Alerts
  • ✔ First Responder/CERT Notifications
  • ✔ Evacuation Plans
  • ✔ Neighborhood Watch Alert Delivery
  • ✔ Virtual Single Home Notification
  • ✔ Special Needs Household Notification
  • ✔ Emergency Contact Notification
  • ✔ Public Health Hazard Alerts
  • ✔ GIS Mapping for Emergency Alerts

Flexible & Configurable

Delivery Channels

Audience Reach


Secure & Compliant

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